Royal Cape

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Good vibes
& tides.

Located in the Port of Cape Town, RCYC offers a warm greeting and hospitality to weary sailors. First time visitors are invited to discover the “Fairest Cape” with its bounty of scenery, wine farms, local cuisine and much more.

The RCYC has a glorious history spanning over a hundred years. Committees and Commodores have come and gone, yet the cornerstone on which the Table Bay Yacht Club was built in 1905, “to take the sport of yachting seriously and to provide races for its members” is still present to this very day.

Mission Statement: To promote the Royal Cape Yacht Club as a unique, world-class Sailing Centre where yachting in all its forms are encouraged, and as ‘Tavern of the Seas’ provides an environment for camaraderie, shared experience and inclusivity.

Club News

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RCYC Club News | 4 July 2024
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RCYC Club News | 20 June 2024
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CLUB NEWS | 6 June 2024

RCYC Club News | 6 June 2024
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CLUB NEWS | 23 May 2024

RCYC Club News | 23 May 2024
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About RCYC Sailing Academy

RCYC Sailing Academy seeks to expose, upskill, empower and grow youth through sailing.

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