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If you are not able to attend the AGM, as explained in 5.11 of the Constitution, “shall be entitled to cast a special vote in regard to the election of committee members in accordance with the following provisions:

5.11.1 The member shall apply in Writing to the Club for a printed voting paper.

5.11.2 The Club shall furnish the member with a voting paper and an identification envelope bearing the words “Voting Paper” printed thereon…

The voting papers and envelopes are available at reception where you can personally fill in the voting paper, place it in the envelope seal it and hand it in to the receptionist. She will verify your identity, membership and account from our data base, sign and receipt for the envelope, and place it in the voting box which is kept in the General Managers Office.

As noted in 5.11.4 of the Constitution, “The member shall mark upon the voting paper a cross against the name of the candidate/s for whom he intends to vote and shall thereupon place the voting paper in the identification envelope, seal it and sign the declaration appearing thereon and post or deliver it to the Club in an envelope marked “Voting Paper” so as to reach the club at least by 16h00 of the Friday preceding the date of the Annual General Meeting , failing which the vote shall be invalid. “

So if you are wanting to place a special vote, and cannot come into the club personally, please send an email to the membership secretary requesting your voting paper, she will forward the correct documents and you can courier the special vote back to the General Manger by 16h00 on Friday 22nd June 2018.

Please do not hesitate to contact myself at or the membership secretary at for any questions or assistance in understanding the process.

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