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Club Championships Awards Evening

Club Championships Awards Evening

Saturday 1st June 2013 saw the success of RCYC’s first Annual Club Awards Evening.

This annual event is aimed at recognising the RCYC members consistenly sailing successfully in our new Club Championship Series.


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NONIMATIONS for Sepcial Club Recognition Awards are:

RCYC Junior Sailor of the Year:

Shane Elliot
Rob Van Rooyen
Gerry Hegie

Winner: Robbie van Rooyen

RCYC Senior Sailor of the Year


Rick Nankin
JJ Provoyeur
Hein Schipper
Phil Gutsche
Carol Booth

Winner: Hein Schipper

RCYC Double Handed Sailor of the Year

Dale Kushner and Ian Coward
Dave Garrard
Ken Botwood & Colin Horton

Winner Ken Botwood & Colin Horton

RCYC Most Improved Sailor of the Year

Errol Stern
Stephane Derobert
Hylton Hale
Dave Garrard

Winner: Dave Garrard

RCYC International Sailor of the Year

Mike Bartholomew
Matthew Whitehead
Eddie de Villiers
Roger Hudson
Gerry Hegie
Nick Leggat
Paul Standbridge

Winner Mike Bartholomew

RCYC Sailor of the Year

Rick Nankin
Eddie De Villers
Hylton Hale
Robert van Rooyen

Winner Hylton Hale


Club Medals to be awarded to the first three teams in each of the three divisions.

Club Colours to be awarded to the first team in each division.


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