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Club Winter Series With Drifter Brewing Co. – Race Report

Club Winter Series with Drifter Brewing Co. – Race Report

For once PredictWind missed the mark and the forecast south-easter never materialised. After delaying the start for half an hour to see if the predicted wind would fill through, the race committee set a simple triangle course to take advantage of the light westerly.


An all class start in the gentle breeze had a number of boats pushing over the line early and resulted in a general recall. The second start was good. Mwah, Hollard Jacana and  Ray of Light, among others, headed to the harbour wall, while quite a number of boats elected not to pursue the lift and to go right in search of better breeze.


Jacana played the shifts and avenues of breeze while going left and then picked up a big lift that took them all the way into the harbour. Mwah had had a great start and had a good lead following the same strategy. Unfortunately they over-stood the windward mark (No 2) by a lot, allowing Jacana to make up ground, despite also overstanding, and reach the mark well ahead.


Although Jacana built up a good lead on the reach to No 10, they blew it by sailing into a hole and battling to gybe their spinnaker for the final reach to the finish. As they wallowed, a procession of boats sneaked through inside them. The leading boats managed to stay with the breeze to the finish, but those a little further back suffered from the dying wind.


It soon became apparent it would not be possible to get a second race in and the fleet was sent back to the club to help Inside House meet their targets for the month. If you have not tried the bobotie wantons on the new menu, do yourself a favour and order them. Delicious!


Class A was won by Mwah, followed by Maestro and then Hollard Jacana. Class B saw Tin TIn take their first win of the series, with Scarlet Sun in second and then DARG Shadowfax. Hors d’Ouvre won Class C, followed by Cabaray and then Far Med.


Thank you to all the sailors who took part and to the bridge crew for their hard work. – Andrew Collins

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