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Colorpress Vasco Da Gama Race

Colorpress Vasco da Gama Race

Colorpress Vasco da Gama Race 2013

Start: Thursday 2 May 2013 in Maputo


5 Entries Received

Information for obtaining a “Temporary Pass” for boats going foreign


There are now 5 official entries for the Colorpress Vasco da Gama Ocean Race from Maputo to Durban, with 4 being known and one confidential at this stage.


The entrants are:

Spindrift                        John Banfield                Lavranos 40

Alkistis                          Paul Erskine                 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40


Nomad                         Craig Deverson             54′ cat

Sticky Fingers               Rob Samways               Whitbread 30


Possible Entries as owners have indicated their interest

Aquavit                         Ross McGill                              L34

Bellatrix                        Gregg Hurter                             Beneteau First 40

Bellissima                     Vernon Goss                             Hanse 43

Ciao Bella                     Mike Robinson                          Simonis 35

Doughty                        Ryan Lotter                               Simonis 70

Flyer                             Brad Rayson                             Beneteau First 10

Kimaya                         Gavin van der Merwe                 Fast 42

Phezulu                        Leo Kroone                               Fast 42

Southern Storm             Chris Frost                                Pacer 37

Yolo                              Dale Kushner                            Jeanneau Sunfast 3200

Zap                              Graham Rose                           L34

Unknown                      Luke Wagner                            Pacer 400


Please note that entries close on Thursday 11 April 2013, and from then on the late entry fee applies.


Notice of Race & Entry Form

The Notice of Race and Entry form have been included as an insert into the February issue of SAILING Magazine.


The entry form is also available from the Royal Natal Yacht Club (contact Gayle tel. 031-301 5425 or


“Temporary Pass” for Going Foreign

For those owners intending to enter the race and who want to make use of the “Temporary Pass” dispensation for the race, which has “SAS Organised Event Status” the following procedure will need to be followed:


The application must be in accordance with the form  op-1107/2 accompanied by the following, and obtainable from Runa in the Durban SAS Office :


  • a valid Certificate  of Fitness for the vessel, issued by a SAS appointed surveyor.
  • a letter from SAS confirming the surveyor’s appointment.
  • a certified copy of the skipper’s certificate of competence.
  • the prescibed fee
  • the owners permission in writing where required. (IF THE OWNER HAS NOT COMPLETED THE APPLICATION )


The application has to be made via Runa in the SAS Office in Durban (Tel. 031-301 3078 or


Once Runa has ALL the documents she will:


1. Screen the documents and submits them to the ship registration office.

2. If SAMSA are happy they will direct the registrar to issue the pass.

3. The pass is then forwarded to SAS and the Principle Officer (SAMSA) KZN.

4. Then to the event organiser.


Permission for this process has been made to make it easier for competitors. As a result, all competitors who want to make use of this dispensation are requested to submit their documentation to Runa AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. It is in our best interest if ALL applications are submitted together, so the cut-off date will be Friday 29 Marchwhen all applications in Runa’s hands will be processed.


Youth Trophy

Vernon Goss has generously agreed to present a Youth Trophy to the event. Details will follow later.


Mahante Race

Word from Clube Naval is that as Wednesday 1 May is a public holiday in Mozambique as well as South Africa, the Club is likely to be crowded as they will have dinghies (Optimists, Lasers, Dolphins, 420s) from Clube Naval and Clube Maritimo sailing. They also expect some Government officials to be present.


Their request is that ALL boats competing in the Colorpress Vasco da Gama Race compete in the Mahante Race that afternoon.


All competitors are requested to factor this in to their preparations.


Satellite Tracking

Arrangements for satellite tracking of the fleet are well advanced. It is hoped that the fleet will be ???pinged??? every 15 minutes during the race rather than every hour as was the case last year.


Information may be obtained from:

Gayle at the Royal Natal Yacht Club (031-301 5425 or )

Organising chairman, Richard Crockett (083 265 3885 or )


Facebook: The Race has a presence on Facebook. Type: Colorpress ‘Vasco da Gama Race 2013’ in the search field and it will bring up the page.


Internet: or simply log into the Royal Natal Yacht Club website and look for the Colorpress Vasco da Gama Race button.

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