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Cool Cats

Cool Cats



Calling all the cool cruising catamarans…we invite you to join us on the water for a chilled sundowner cruise every Wednesday evening throughout the Lufthansa Twilight Series. You will start at 18h15, after all the hustle and bustle of the racing divisions, and will typically be set a shorter and more reaching based course. This is an open coastal cruising division for all handicaps. Spread the word and enjoy this new offering.

You will be scored, and are eligible for the same participation lucky draw prizes as the racing fleet members. You will be required to enter your yacht in the Lufthansa Twilight Series and provide the supporting information required.

While you may not be in the same hectic race mode as the other divisions, the Racing Rules of Sailing [RRS] still apply, so make sure you know your rules [including port/starboard; windward/leeward; rounding marks and the race management and starting procedures]. You can download the RRS here.


Come Sailing!

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