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Dassen Island Cruise

Dassen Island Cruise

Saturday 17th of November 


The Dassen Island cruise, in line with cruising mode, is very informal. The intention is for yachts to gather and anchor in House Bay, Dassen Island before 3pm on Saturday the 17th November. Keeping in mind, there is safety in numbers and a good excuse for yachties to get together.

We have been fortunate to have obtained permission to land ashore. This is difficult to obtain and has conditions attached. (Many thanks to Andrew Collins for facilitating)


Initially organizers will Land and discuss with the Staff on the island to ensure we are fully compliant.

We will then advise yachts on Channel 06 when they may come ashore.

The coordinating vessel is s/y YOLO.

Yolo will advise when you may come ashore.

If there are too many people wanting to land, it may be split into two groups.

Please remember Dassen Island is a restricted reserve.

Once permission is granted to land, please land near the jetty and congregate on the beach. Please do not walk off on your own, until the conditions of entry have been explained.

Please ensure that you comply.

RCYC would like to build a relationship for the future. This can only happen if we can prove we can abide by their requirements.

Please keep a radio watch from 14h00 (Sat 17th) onwards. (Channel 06)

Besides the landing which RCYC has arranged, yachts are free to do as they please. Please remember, only fish if you have the required license.

 For any queries, please contact Dale Kushner 082 552 4533

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