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Double Handed 26 August – Race Report

Double Handed 26 August – Race Report

Double Handed sailing is proving to be a very popular format of sailing around the world, and it is no different at RCYC. This Saturday saw 19 boats on the water waiting for the south-easter to fill in along the beach. After a brief delay to let the wind reach the start line, the Div 1 and 2 fleets were sent to Harken before turning north for a four mile run to a laid mark off Sunset Beach.


It was wonderful to see Windpower join the fleet for the first time with the hugely experienced Mike Clarke and Ken Venn on board. The 20 to 25 knot south-easter did not phase them at all and they hoisted a very large asymmetric spinnaker as they rounded the Harken mark. Taking it down, without an autopilot to assist while both of them were on the foredeck pulling for all they were worth, must have been interesting.


Three new boats joined the cruising fleet, Skye, Arggl, and Morning Wings. Love Affair had not made it back from Saldanha in time to join the race, but will be on the line for the next race in September. Skye won the cruising class with Arggl in second and Morning Wings in third.


It was lovely to have John Levin join the Division 2 fleet on Indaba with Triton and Suid Oos also making their first appearances. The Charger 33 Bodytec Flyer managed to hold off the Miuras to win. Ava finished in second and Iechyd Da in third. The Miuras love some breeze and are great boats to sail short-handed.


Division 1 was won by Yolo with Windpower in second and Tenacity in third. Unfortunately Assegai collided with Mwah in a nasty port-starboard incident and both boats had to retire with Mwah suffering quite a bit of damage.


Over the first two races we have had 7 boats in Division 1, 17 in Division 2 and 6 in the Cruising Division. Thank you to everyone who took part. As usual we all enjoyed wine and snacks courtesy of Excelsior Wines on the deck after the racing.


We owe a special thank you to Fanie Naude and Toni Mainprize for running the race. Despite having worked solidly through Lipton Cup, they were on hand to run the bridge and allow us to enjoy our afternoon of racing. Thank you!


The next race is on 30 September. If you have not tried double-handed sailing before, come and join in the fun. – Andrew Collins



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