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Double Handed Race 03 – Race Report

Double Handed Race 03 – Race Report

Andre Scholtz, the skipper of Suid Oos, summed up the attitude of the the double handed sailors best when he said, “Always sail rather than not!”. There was a little debate as to whether we should be venturing out short-handed in a strong south-easter, but if Colin Horton, in his 80s and using a crutch to get to his boat can do it, there are no excuses.

We were honoured to have our Rear Commodore of Sailing, Neil Gregory, on the bridge. Hilary Ackerman, our new sailing events manager, joined the bridge crew for the first time, together with Toni Mainprize and Ken Botwood. Fanie and Geraldo were on the water to lay marks.

The fleet was rather reduced with Dale Kushner celebrating Yom Kippur, Peter Hill on his way back from Mossel Bay in Tin Tin, Assagaai still in Mossel Bay and Bernard Farmer recovering from an op in hospital. But the usual diehards were present and keen to get out on the water.

In Division 1 Dave and Stephen Garrard took first place on Nuthr Witch with Anthony Cassar in second on Tenacity and Mwah in third. Gordon Kling’s regular crew was not available, but Louis filled in with some muttering on the deck afterwards about how tough double-handed sailing is in 30 knots of breeze.

The Miuras revelled in the conditions and Division 2 was won by Stefan Hundt and Betty Brown on Iechyd Da with Bodytec Flyer (Andrew Collins and Barnaby Steynor) 34 seconds behind and Ava, sailed by Colin Horton and Toby Botwood, in third.

The cruising division only had two finishers as Morning Wings retired when they realised they had sailed the wrong course. Touch and Go helmed by Alex Smith was in first place with Eugene Blank on Skye in second. Thinus Groenewald’s crew on Sizwe received some sympathy for the impressive gash on his forehead and his blackening eye. Apparently it is not true that Thinus had used a winch handle as an incentive to grind faster and in fact, Nickey Basson had been knocked head-first onto a winch during an unexpected gybe. He seemed pretty unfazed and mopped the blood up with a serviette while sipping on his beer.

As always we all gathered on the deck for drinks and food generously provided by Excelsior Wines. Our chef provided really superb snacks including some vegetable platters which the less health-conscious regarded with some suspicion.

Thank you to everyone for another very successful double handed race. The next race is on 28 October. – Andrew Collins


David Garrard yacht, Nuthr Witch with Andrew Collins yacht,Bodytec Flyer


Alec Smith yacht, Touch n Go with Andrew Collins



Toby Botwood yacht, Ava with Andrew Collins

Betty Brown yacht, Iechyd Da with Andrew Collins






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