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Pinto Russell Rally

Pinto Russell Rally


Registration 10:00 am – 10:30 am

Skipper’s Briefing and collection of goodiebags 10:30 am

Race Start 12:00

The event consists of two parts; a rally and a pursuit race.

The Rally section allows the skippers to choose one of three routes to get to Murray Bay off Robben Island. The shortest route earns 60 points, the medium 80 points and 100 points are awarded for the around the Island navigation. Each yacht has to be in Murray Bay by 15.00 otherwise they incur a 1 point penalty for every minute late.

Competing yachts may use their engines, but incur a 20 point penalty should they choose to do so.

The pursuit race will start at 17.00. Unlike previous Pinto Russell Equinox Moonlight, the pursuit race will be via the Waterfront. Yachts will need to navigate through the canals and swing bridges to the Cape Grace whisky bar. As the yachts tie up they will not be allowed to leave for 10 minutes. In that time 2 representatives of each yacht will visit the Whisky Bar and  be given a tot of whisky from which they have to tell if its Red or Black Johnny Walker. Getting it right earns 20 points, getting it wrong loses you 20 points!

Thereafter the yachts sail or motor out to the No8 Buoy and then back to the club to present their yacht’s dog tag to the officials at the RCYC Ladies Bar. The dog tags will be displayed on a Top Sail Leader Board as the competing yachts arrive. This allows the boat racers in the bar to monitor the race progress.

In the past most of the yachts dropped off their runners before motoring to their moorings. Apparently one yacht was able to overtake another in the last few yards to the Bar! Not all plain sailing!!

There will be a band as well as complimentary snacks at the prize giving.

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