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Jerrold Salaman

Jerrold Salaman

Jerrold Salaman Obituary

By Teddy Kuttel

Jerrold passed away on Christmas day, the day before his 85th birthday.  He had been a member of RCYC longer than any other. He started sailing in 1942 just at the time when RCYC moved into its present harbor. He joined the Club in 1944, having had to wait until he was 16 to become a junior member. I have known him since that time.

Until very recently he was still sailing as a very active crewmember aboard “Spilhaus”. That is an amazing sailing career of 73 years.


His first crewing position was on “Viking”, a very beautiful Bermudan sloop designed by Knud Reimers and built in Sweden for the New York boat show. He owned a number of boats, which he sailed very competitively and often.

Amongst them were:

  • “Caprice” – 39 foot Gaff Cutter
  • “Windward” – 42 foot Gaff Cutter designed by N D Ross, built by Louw and Halvorsen in Cape Town
  • “Active” – 50 foot Bermudan cutter built in Australia
  • “Cirrus” – RCOD
  • “Fun” – RCOD

“Assegai 1” – 1 tonner designed by Angelo Lavranos

“Assegai 2” – 2 tonner Designed by Angelo Lavranos


Jerrold contributed a lot to sailing. As Secretary of Sailing he introduced many very successful ocean races, which were sailed for a long time. Sadly this side of our sport at the Cape has died in recent years. He was a shareholder in Robertson and Caine Yachts which built so many of our yachts and was particularly responsible for developing the “Holiday 23”


Jerrold also was a member of RORC and has competed in many of their events in the UK.

He has been sailing on “Spilhaus” for the past ten years. “Spilhaus”, also built in Sweden and designed by Knud Reimers, and looks very like “Viking” on which Jerrold started his sailing career. He has been very active on board. Spilhaus is sailed a lot, usually twice a week, and always takes part in the Mykonos Regatta and the Spring regatta. Jerrold was very much part of this and he contributed a large amount to making a very happy crew, we will miss him tremendously.


Jerrold had a happy family life and enjoyed a very close relationship with his wonderful wife Helen. I know that she and their four daughters will miss him greatly.

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