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Letter From The Commodore

Letter from the Commodore



Message to Owners and Skippers taking part in the RCYC Twilight Series

Dear Member/boat owner,

At our recent General Committee meeting a few important issues were mentioned which we feel will be worth raising to make our extremely successful twilight series even more enjoyable.

Sign In Sign Out Register, (SISOR)

Please remember to sign your yacht in after sailing. This is for your own safety and we need to check that all vessels have returned to harbour.


We really appreciate that you take our guests out to experience our sport and introduce them to our club.  It is getting extremely busy on the water with 7 classes and almost as many courses. The safety of these visitors is paramount, we ask that you please give them a safety briefing prior to the start and if they are more comfortable with a life jacket please encourage them to wear one. We have had a few MOB???s this season, thankfully all recovered safely.

Rules of Sailing

Besides being fun this series is also extremely competitive. I is t also the learning ground for our new boat owners venturing out to start their sailing careers, and as such we are not all that familiar with the rules of the road in tight situations. Greg Davis our sailing Rear Commodore will be arranging some rules seminars to assist us. In the mean time please give a bit more space at the marks in this series. When breaking a rule on the course I would urge you to take your penalty turn.


Division 1 to 4 use the RCYC RRD rating system for club handicap racing, see WEBSITE. This system is quite robust and is well managed by our ratings committee who try to maintain an updated register. The data is submitted by the boat owner and there is a requirement that after any changes or modifications to hull, rigging, propellers or sails, a new rating application is submitted by the owner to the RRD, sadly this is not always the case.  A proposal has been made that the first few boats in each class be given 7 days to report to the crane for a weight check and re-measure, more on this later. It you are not sure how up-to-date your certificate is contact Fanie at


We have had quite a few collisions this season, none with serious injury. Please report all incidents to Safety at Sea Chairman Dave Elcock . Most collisions result in some financial cost to one or other party, I urge boat owners to settle the damage they have caused to the other vessel.


We have a protest committee panel who are on standby to hear all protest as soon as possible, protest forms are available on the notice board please see that you get them signed in by the sailing office once completed. For the number of incidents we have on the course we have surprisingly few protests.

Consumption of Alcohol while sailing

Please don’t overdo it while racing be careful and enjoy.


Ray Matthews


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