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Ahoy Lufthansa Twilighter

Phew! The very very lekker Lufthansa Twilight Series 1, in support of Community Chest, came to its conclusion last night with an exciting, gusty, and concise flip around our bay…

Some days it’s so easy; some days two left feet just won’t do. You win some and you lose some. We are always the servants of the sea and its myriad guiles! The great forces of the ocean have looked on us favourably this series, with an astonishing hit rate of 7 out of 9 races, and fantastic turnouts on the water. Last night it was touch and go whether we would sail or not, with the forecasts suggesting a very powerful blow coming through sharply late in the afternoon. In fact, a yacht that withdrew with some breakages before the start last night recorded 37 knots over the deck at around 17h00, but somehow, the wind settled for an hour or two and alas we all got out there enmasse, with over 50 yachts on the water, to enjoy our last date together in this series.

Once we were all back at moorings safely, it really blew hard throughout the night, with gusts in the high 30’s and early 40’s.

Last night’s courses were set to easily allow the beloved triangles for the non-spinnaker fleet, and the windward/leeward’s for the kites. In fact, with the wind further south than the typical south-easter angle, there was quite a nice beat back up the beach for the spinnaker fleets. The majority of the fleet finished as planned between 18h50 and 19h10, allowing a proper shot at a series ending wind-down together in the club, with some refreshments and a live sundowner set, compliments of Lufthansa.

So, the first Lufthansa Twilight Series took off in early October and landed safely in early December. Thank you to our fine sponsor and to all our sailors, thank you so much for your participation! It is a moving sight to see so many beautiful keelboats enjoying our bay, and it has to be a feature that the rest of our town notices and enjoys – a very pretty sight. Also, look up at the sky from 18h40 each Twilight Race to wave at the Lufthansa A340 enroute from Cape Town to Munich direct!

In recognition of performance, Hors d’ Oeuvre managed a bullet in every race, something no other competitor achieved. Well done! In recognition of perseverance and diversity, a big welcome to the Cool Cat and Division 3 spinnaker classes, both on your own feet at last…may you both continue to grow into fun and competitive divisions! Also, welcome to the RCYC Twilight Kids Club, and initiative to look after our member’s kids in the hour or two that parents are out there on the water enjoying a twilight sail. We hope you will make use of this to ensure its viability into the future…

Congratulations to the series division winners…fly your yellow Lufthansa Twilight Battle Flags with pride into the next series…

All participating yachts contributed a meaningful combined amount of R15,000 to Community Chest to boot, so our sport and folly on the water is to the benefit of the broader city and region we all share.

Look forward to seeing you on the water for the start of the next Lufthansa Twilight Series, taking off on schedule on 15 January 2014.

Come Sailing!



PS: We have one more date with the setting sun this year – next Wednesday 11 December – for the Bona Drag Ladies Key Position Twilight Race with One Eighty. Either 3 or more ladies in key positions aboard, or dress in drag and chase the skirts. Irreverence encouraged. See you on the water darlings. One Eighty will assist you with your refreshments afterwards! Enter on the notice board.

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