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Lufthansa Twilight 002 : Some Like It Hot!

Lufthansa Twilight 002 : Some Like it Hot!



Following on from the searing heat and calmness of the day, a really nice strong ESE wind and flat seas (okay, there was a bit of a ground swell from the west) greeted a fleet of 55 yachts in the twilight race last night. Each of the six divisions represented on the water (still no cats yet this year) had customized courses to suit their division, and the entire fleet finished close together, before returning into a windless harbour and a buzzing club…with plenty of sailors chatting late into the night, the way it should be.

The wind was far more east than normal, so the courses were set right across the bay as opposed to the usual running up and down the beach (spinnaker divisions) or the traditional twilight triangle (non spinnaker divisions)

Most importantly, it was a really nice evening out on the water…we are so damn lucky! A mate of mine who was mountain biking on Devils Peak specifically called me to say how incredible the fleet and sailing looked from up there…

It is really important to take cogniscence of that as sailors and as club members – what we do is watched and enjoyed by a city-wide audience, and even up in the sky from the international departure flight LH575 CPT-MUC at 18h40! Well done for the effort you make to get out there…

Thanks to Derek Shuttleworth (Minister of Jetty Affairs) for assisting with the course setting – a set of fun courses for all. To those of you, especially in Div 3 non spin, who sailed the wrong course, remember to listen in on VHF06 in the half hour before racing, when the courses are clearly announced. An interesting feature of last night’s courses was the use of the offset mark at the windward side of the course, allowing a level of safety and separation as the various divisions peeled off in different directions on their next legs. It seemed to work well.

Lufthansa Twilight Sailing is a real pleasure to participate in…please let us have your feedback (both positive and negative) if you have any…especially the positive stuff! I would like us as a club to collectively send off a big thank you to our sponsors Lufthansa for supporting our twilight sailing program at the end of this series. If you have any ideas for what this could be, please give me a shout…Who knows, if we think up a nice enough way of showing our appreciation, Lufthansa may even come back and hug us for another series! That would be nice.

For example, it could be a blown up panoramic photo of the fleet signed off by each participating yacht (one for the club, one for the sponsor). Talking of photos of the twilight fleet, I think we should set up an RCYC Instagram account where you can post your twilight photos from each week…will try to do something along those lines before next week.


In conclusion, three quick reminders:

1. Remember to get your Twilight Boarding Pass stamped each week to stand a chance of winning a pair of return business class tickets to Europe aboard Lufthansa.

2. To all yachts that were awarded the honour of the yellow Lufthansa battleflags at end of the last series, please return these as the new winners now deserve the opportunity to fly them. If you are awarded the weekly divisional winners flag, please fly it on race day and look after it as if it were your own, and return it before prize giving the following week.

3. If you were called for a participation prize last night, and did not collect it, please arrange to collect from the sailing office. There were two prizes left over. The following six yachts were awarded these last night: Beneteau 40CR (not christened yet- welcome to the fleet!), Ray of Light, Celine IV, Nuthr Witch, Carousel, and Apricot.


See you on the water next Wednesday!



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