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Lufthansa Twilight 003: Belting Them Out

Lufthansa Twilight 003: Belting Them Out

Ahoy Twilighter

The third race in the series was held in fresh gusty south easterly breeze. A set of 7 courses were announced three times to the fleet in the 20 minutes leading up to the starts – quite a task – well done by Ron!

And as the somewhat frenetic start sequence rolled into action, there were a couple of OCS calls and a hell of a lot of traffic moving through. 50 yachts recorded a result on the night, and there have been 63 yachts participating in the series to date. It must be quite a task on the Wednesday night bridge to get through the start sequence. Thank you bridge team!

A quick reminder to all yachts to keep well clear of the start area, and up to 200m behind the start line and about 100m beyond #10 on the side, unless you are in the 5 minute count down to your start. Also, when you finish, clear the area completely so that the bridge can see the finishers behind you, and that you give those finishers a clear run into the line.

>From the start, the various fleets made their way to different parts of the bay, to slug it out against old and new rivals, before there was an enmasse finish of most yachts across all divisions between 18h50 and 19h20.

An exciting evening, especially for those who flew kites…

For some technical reason, results took a bit longer to come out than usual – somewhat reminiscent of the ‘old days’ – so apologies for a prize-giving later than normal.

Thanks to Hylton Hale for setting the courses, which were the subject of some interesting discussions later at the bar. Nothing like a bit of bar talk, eh, to muddy the waters and blur the lines…

>From the flight deck, we’ve reached cruising altitude in this series, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with Lufthansa.

Keep listening on VHF 06!


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