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Lufthansa Twilight 005: A Bird’s Eye View

Lufthansa Twilight 005: A Bird’s Eye View

With the birds I share this lonely view…

Having had the illness-induced opportunity to watch the entire race last night telescopically from the slopes of Devils Peak, with handheld radio tuned to VHF 06, it presented a wonderful chance to watch events unfold across all fleets and courses.

>From bridge officer Ron’s evolving oration of the courses, set by Robbie van Rooyen, to the start sequence, the stage was set for a dangerous dance with the devil. The devil in this case being the fading westerly. The dying westerly is always such a tricky one for twilight racing. Converse to the south easter, which typically builds dramatically from 4pm, the westerly dies from 4pm, when on this specific day it was blowing in the very high teens across the bay. Even by the start around 6pm, it had moderated considerably.

I am sure there were few complaints though, as it looked sublime out there, and this was the first race in this series that has not had a southeasterly blast…

I think Robbie set good courses (thanks Robbie), and quite short ones for the lower divisions, so it’s a pity the wind in the 300m zone around the finish ghosted away completely from around 19h20, leaving a number of yachts stranded and leading some to retire. This logically also favoured the higher handicapped yachts in each division, which the results clearly show.

Again, it was a beautiful sight to see so many yachts out on the water.

I counted 55 yachts on the evening, with Division 1 contributing 24 yachts (10 spi; 14 n/s), Division 2 with 13 yachts (5 spi; 8 n/s), and Division 3 with 18 yachts (6 spi; 12 n/s). Is Division 3, who many a member will swear is the backbone of club sailing, currently on hiatus? It would be good to see at least another 10 yachts from this division soaking up the late Wednesday afternoon sun…

Sticking with Division 3, how nice for club Vice-Commodore, Ray Matthews, sailing his yacht Cabaray, to come straight back into club sailing with a win, after a month in Rio making a massive voluntary contribution to the staging of the Cape to Rio event. I am sure the club will arrange an appropriate way to acknowledge the effort you and Liz made towards the success of that event, Ray!

There are three dates left in the current Lufthansa Twilight Series in support of NSRI: 19 Feb, 26 Feb and 5 March.

The Lufthansa Twilight Series Prizegiving Party, and the draw for the Lufthansa Business Class tickets, will take place after the Flag Officers Twilight Race on 12 March. This will be a big one! Sign up for your chosen flag officer now! (There are limits to how big each team can be, to try to level the playing fields).



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