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Lufthansa Twilight 006: A Bridge Too Farr

Lufthansa Twilight 006: A Bridge Too Farr

This week, our report comes from the on water experience aboard yacht Me2Me, a Farr 38, skippered by Derek Shuttleworth.


“With a variable wind last night, the race was set for our division [div 1 non spin] was quite long for the conditions. Nevertheless, we were instructed that the course would be; Start leaving 10 to Stbd, No2 Stb, Woodbridge Stb, No 2 Stb, Woodbridge Stb, No 4 Port, Finish at Bridge and Kling buoy.

The race started in a medium SW and most yachts reached Woodbridge the first time around, after rounding No 2 for the second time we could see that a parking lot was developing at Woodbridge, with boats starting to drift in very light wind, at this stage quite a few vessels opted to call it a day and retired, as our competition in the series had continued, we were left with little option, continue to race or forfeit and collect 15 points which would have effectively put us out of the running for the rest of the series. The crew were unanimous in deciding to continue even as the wind dropped to a whisper and we crawled ever slower towards the end.

In the dark with the bridge crew long gone home, we could barely see any other vessels around especially with the backdrop of City lights so we were unsure whether we were the only boat left out, until almost at the finish line when we were joined by some more tenacious yachties on Mwah and Tenacity, crossing the line almost together, lots of banter and laughter at the end with what was probably our longest Wednesday night race ever finishing at 20h29.46 For a fourth place in our class and a chance to remain in the hunt for a podium finish”


Thanks Derek – you may be interested to know that there was -Nuthr yacht even more tenacious that Mwah, Tenacity and Me2Me: Well done to the team aboard Nuthr Witch, who bobbed about until 21:06:10 – and long after all other competitors in their fleet had called it a day! But that pales in comparison to the efforts aboard the Miura “Iechyd Da!”, who finished at 21:14:10. Skipper Stefan Hundt and his merry crew must have had a liquid stash aboard to keep warm!


Thank you to the bridge for sticking it out until 20h00, and to Dave Booth for setting the courses in tricky conditions – and at least 27 yachts did actually finish, despite the dying wind.

There are six Lufthansa Twilight Races down, two to go!! Fasten your seatbelts and put your seat in the upright position, we are commencing our descent…

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