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Lufthansa Twilight 08 Prize Giving & The Wrap

Lufthansa Twilight 08 Prize Giving & The Wrap

3 December 2014


Lufthansa Twilight sailing at Royal Cape Yacht Club, quite simply, ROCKS. With 5 of the 7 divisions’ top spots going down to the wire in the last race, planned for yesterday; it was a bit of a shame that the Cape Doctor gave us a heavy dose of South East vaccine last evening. Despite the obvious disappointment, our race officer for the evening, Dave Booth, wisely cancelled racing. Sailing safely is our primary goal. To the winners and the runners up in each of those 5 divisions, I hope you enjoyed the anticipation and build up to the final showdown-that-was-not-to-be! We will enjoy the continued rivalries and camaraderie on the water in the next series!

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Photos by Trevor Wilkins


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