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Lufthansa Twilight Lottery

Lufthansa Twilight Lottery

Ahoy Lufthansa Twilight Sailor!

One could not hope to usher in a new twilight series and a new sponsor in more spectacular fashion: with 48 yachts parked desperately close to the finish line (and one another), after stretching our collective legs for an hour in a lovely breeze. Lufthansa Twilight, you are cleared for take-off!

The all-swallowing wind hole that was the finish line was a little cruel, to be fair, and reduced what had been a really nice blast around the bay into a lottery. It’s amazing the way things pan out that first across the line was a yacht that was literally a dot on the horizon when the first twenty or thirty yachts pulled up their handbrakes. Nonetheless, Morning Glory stealthed her way through the cluster and finished with a great hurrah!
For the rest of us, it was time to crank up the music, enjoy a refreshment, and wait for the little breezes. It was great to see good seamanship amongst the fleet and the orderly traffic making their way back to the marina, albeit with an array of incorrect navigation lights.


A big thank you to the twilight bridge team, who got a full dose of twilight anti-rust treatment while finishing the entire fleet between 19h05 and 19h20

Welcome to a number of new twilight yachts, and also nice to see some sporadic entries back in action. Of the twilight newbies, welcome Mwah, Regardless, Scarlet Sun, Triton and Wings, who join a number of other newish participants like Morning Glory and Gandolf. Also, a big welcome to the first three in the Cat Division, bringing new meaning to handbrake turn parking before the finish.

There will be a number of other new participants to welcome to twilight racing in the upcoming weeks, as well as a number of regulars who didn’t make it this evening; and no doubt a wonderful series ahead.

As a club member, make sure you get your Lufthansa Twilight Passport, and get it stamped each week to be in line to win and pair of business class tickets to Europe! Even when there is a blow out, you can gather participation stamps, meet with friends for a chat, and support your club by introducing new members and crew.

Come Sailing!


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