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Lufthansa Twilight Series – Race 03 – Race Report

Lufthansa Twilight Series – Race 03 – Race Report

The very welcome rain yesterday cleared up in time to allow our fleet of 44 boats to enjoy a wonderful race. 10 to 15 knots of south-westerly on a flat sea made for lovely sailing conditions.


It is very disturbing how poor many people’s radio procedure is. If there is no blanket clearance, you must radio for permission BEFORE you leave RCYC. First call up port control identifying yourself and the channel you are calling on. Only once port control responds must you ask for permission to leave, first stating where you are and then where you would like to go.


Finally, when you enter and leave Duncan Dock, you MUST be on the starboard side. Do NOT cut the corner when returning.


We really need to lift our game when it comes to the basics of seamanship. Port control is watching us closely and it would be very sad if our future lease is at all compromised because they are fed up with us not obeying port procedures.


On a more positive note, well done to all the winners last night. Again there was a lot of close racing across the fleet. The closest was in Class C spinnaker where Hors d’Oeuvre was pipped by Far-Med by only 9 seconds. Perhaps Hors d’Oeuvre should not have had a huge luffing match with a boat from another class?!


The results are:

Class A spinnaker: 1st Hollard Jacana, 2nd Silky, 3rd Windpower.

Class A non-spinnaker: 1st Corum, 2nd Naledi, 3rd Cape Dancer.

Class B spinnaker: 1st KAWS Nuthr Witch, 2nd Turquoise, 3rd Red Cross Bodytec Flyer.

Class B non-spinnaker: 1st Vortex, 2nd Xtra-Link Yolo, 3rd Me 2 Me.

Class C spinnaker: 1st SANCOBB Far-Med, 2nd Hors d’Oeuvre, 3rd Sizwe.

Class C non-spinnaker: 1st Saiorse, 2nd Carousel, 3rd Wave Dancer.

Cruising: 1st Derbigum, 2nd Love Affair, 3rd Skye.


Thank you to Lufthansa, Krone and to our bridge crew. – Andrew Collins

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