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Middle Distance Double Handed Race

Middle Distance Double Handed Race

Ahoy Middle Distance Double Handers

This weekend will see the long talked about option of a distance race come to fruition. Apart from the distance challenge, we plan a finish after sunset, which is at 19h29.

This intent was discussed and agreed at the post-race-soir??e, and was published in the last double-handed race report on the website and in the newsletter of 17 October.

We need to be cogniscent of the safety issues this poses. A Category “C” Certificate of Fitness [COF], with life-raft, would be the minimum yacht certification, and only if you can be assured you will be within the confines of the port by 21h29, would it be acceptable to not have a life-raft aboard. The appropriate skippers ticket Certificate of Competence [COC] is also required. Also, ensure that you have the correct insurance to cover this.

Obviously this will be weather dependent, but look towards a 42 mile Division 1 course (like Bokpunt and back) and a 32 mile division 2 course (like Koeberg and back)…and get your nav lights, harnesses and lifelines ready…


To check your qualifications, refer the website under the regulatory and skippers tickets tabs:



Come Sailing!



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