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My Lufthasa Prize- CP Van Der Merwe

My Lufthasa Prize- CP van der Merwe

I thought I would give you some feedback on this amazing prize, and to encourage other Wednesday sailors to enter. After all, someone has to win it, and may as well be you! Just get your stamp each Wednesday.

After the wonderful surprize of winning this, I did not quite know where to go to in Europe, but finally decided on Russia. Getting there was also a new experience, as the flight from Johannesburg to Frankfurt is in the colossal A380, which is too big to land in Cape Town. Business Class, nogal– what a way to kick off this amazing holiday. We booked to go on a ship from St. Petersburg to Moscow in the company of a group of music lovers. We were about 70 on board, of which about half were from South Africa, mainly Cape Town; the rest were mainly Brits. The group was lead by Rodney Trudgeon, a name that will be familiar to lovers of classical music and listeners of FMR radio. He lectured on Russian music,  alternating  with a Russian professor of history and politics, as well as a group of opera singers from England. So there was plenty of entertainment, while the ship was ploughing through a series of locks and lakes, which interspersed the mighty Volga river. Sections along the route were quite underdeveloped, with beautiful forests, which were just turning colour as the Northern winter set in.

Russia was amazing. So different from Western Europe. There are amazing art galleries -like the Hermitage, one of the largest museums in the world, with the largest collection of paintings in the world, palaces that will take your breath away (boy, those Tsars lived like kings!!) to the Kremlin and Red Square with the imposing St Basil’s Cathedral -with all that means with its chequered history. Too much to tell.

So if you should be the lucky one to win two Business Class tickets at the end of the Summer Season…………….put Russia into your mix! She won’t disappoint!

Dr. C. P. van der Merwe

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