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Nations Cup Final – San Francisco 9th -14th April

Nations Cup Final – San Francisco 9th -14th April

 Nations Cup Final

 South Africa is represented by 2 teams

Open:   David Rae, Sibu Sizatu, Joweal Klaase, Sean Van Rensburg 

Woman:  Dominique Provoyeur, Heidi Burger, Sonja Stock, Kim Rew.   

Wednesday the 10th was the 1st day of Racing.  The 10 female teams were in the morning session with the open division (men & mixed), in the afternoon.   Great excitement as the Ladies team won their 1st match, then lost their next 3.   The men also won one of their matches and then lost 4.   

A message from the girls: First day of racing done! We definitely had moments when it all clicked, moments when our boat handling was pure fire, but also many many moments to learn from. Tomorrow we come back with fresh heads and fresh bodies (totally ready for the forecasted 25 knots. 

A message from the boys: Sailing is a funny old sport when you are up you up and when you down you are down. We had a good win against NZL and the rest we were all in it but just could not execute couple of small mistakes and a couple penalties.  We need to regroup tonight learn from our mistakes and move forward tomorrow is a new day.

Today the boys will be racing in the 1st session with the girls in the afternoon.

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