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New Reciprocity Agreement

New Reciprocity Agreement

RCYC recently signed a Twinning Agreement with the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

Our Treasurer, Mr Matthys Lourens who was recently in Malta, kindly represented the RCYC during the official handing over of our respective burgees.

From the desk of Matthys Lourens:

I refer to my recent and very enjoyable visit to the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

I would like to report that I was received with great hospitality by The Commodore (Mr. Godwin Zammit) and The President of the Malta Powerboat Federation (Mr. Teddie Borg). It was a real pleasure to enjoy their company and many thanks to them for their time.

We also discussed our next Cape2Rio race and I promised them that we would send some marketing material over. We may just receive an entry from Malta!

Attached please find a photo of the burgee exchange ceremony.

I further confirm that I also have, in my possession, the signed Twinning Agreement.

The Royal Malta Yacht Club is a “must visit” for all our travelling members.

Kind Regards

Matthys Lourens

Honorary Treasurer

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