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Normandy Channel Race

Normandy Channel Race

Phillippa Hutton-Squire with skipper Juliette Petres.


Phillippa & Juliette are currently racing in the Normandy Channel Race.

The race started on Sunday 25th May.

The course is:

Starting line:

  • Luc East Cardinal buoy round to starboard
  • Ouistreham buoy round to starboard
  • Pin end buoy of the starting line round to starboard
  • Saint Marcouf Islands (Channel) leave to starboard
  • Saint Marcouf West buoy (49??29.7N 001??11.9W) leave to starboard
  • No Mans Land Fort leave to port
  • Isle of Wight leave to port
  • Wolf Rock leave to port
  • Tuskar Rock (Ireland) (52??12.2N .006??12.4W) leave to port
  • Fastnet Rock (Ireland) (51??23.2N 009??36.1W) leave to port
  • Guernsey Island leave to port

Finish line.


To follow the race click here

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