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Pinto Russell Equinox Moonlight Rally

Pinto Russell Equinox Moonlight Rally

Pinto Russel Equinox Rally


On Heritage day we had the Pinto Russell Equinox Moonlight regatta.

This event consisted of two parts, a rally and a pursuit race.

The Rally section allowed the skippers to choose one of three ways to get to Murray Bay off Robben Island. The shortest route earned 30 points, the medium 60 points and 100 points for the around the Island navigation. The yachts had to be in Murray Bay by 15.00 otherwise they would incur 1 point penalty for every minute late.


Most of the yachts elected the scenic around the island route, a few had to use their engines, which they were allowed to do, but incur a 20 point penalty. Nobody was late, and everybody enjoyed a 2 hour relaxing braai time off Robben Island.

The pursuit race started at 17.00 and after a 2 hour downwind sail with spinnakers in the North Westerly, we were in our yacht basin. The finish of the pursuit race was the presentation of the yacht’s dog tag to the officials at the RCYC Ladies Bar. The dog tags were displayed on a Top Sail Leader Board as they came in, this allowed the boat racers in the bar to monitor the race progress.


Most of the yachts dropped off their runners before motoring to their moorings. Apparently one yacht was able to overtake another in the last few yards to the Bar! Not all plain sailing!!

IMG 6778

The points were totalled up and came to 1100 points, for which, each point Pinto Russell group sponsored R5.00 per point to the NSRI.

It was a fun event, perfect weather, and a good way to celebrate Heritage Day with a braai on anchor off Robben Island.

IMG 6777

RCYC would like to thank Pinto Russell for putting this event together and all the participants. The event was a great success and it was nice to hear all the positive feedback.

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