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Process For SAS Membership Renewal

Process for SAS membership renewal

Procedure for SAS membership renewals

  1. Yacht Clubs will still issue accounts and members will still pay clubs exactly as in the past.
  2. The member can then log into the database via the SAS website to complete his/her details and get his/her user name and password.
  3. Once the member has done that, the regional administrator will then firstly confirm that SAS has received the membership money and then validate the membership by login into the database as an administrator.
  4. It is at this stage that the administrator completes the date field to indicate from when to when the membership is valid. This date must always be in line with the member’s club financial period as in the past. The administrator also completes the type of membership to correspond with the amount received from the member. The administrator will further ensure that all family members are linked on the database.
  5. Only once the membership has been validated by the regional administrator will the member be able to log in again and print his/her own membership card which will have his/her photo on if it was uploaded onto the system by the member.
  6. Where members don’t have access to the internet, the clubs will have to provide the regional administrator with the minimum details required for it to be captured under the bulk processing facility of the database. Minimum details being name, surname, date of birth and an e-mail address.
  7. In cases where members can’t print their own cards the clubs can be given access to allow them to print the cards alternatively the regional office can download and e-mail the cards to the club.
  8. It is important to note that nothing has changed as far the way of working with the membership fees to the way it was done last season. Proper records must still be kept by the Clubs of how the payment to SAS is made up.
  9. The only difference this season are the cards – if members want their cards, we need the information first.


We appreciate the assistance of all our members in this regard and hope that everybody will see the benefit of a well-managed member’s database

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