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Race Report- Double Handed Race 01

Race Report- Double Handed Race 01

“The foyer of the yacht club was packed for our traditional skipper’s briefing prior to the first Double Handed race of the season. If this format of racing continues to grow in popularity, we may need to move the briefings to a larger venue!


Despite 25 knots and more of south-easter, 22 boats gathered on the start line. Five in Class A and 13 in Class B with four cruising class boats joining in for the first time. This was not weather for cruisers, so it was a great turnout and we hope the next race has calmer conditions encouraging even more of the cruisers to join in.


A reaching start from no 10 to Milnerton ensured the dreaded Paarden Island corner was avoided. Class A and B sailed the same course up the beach to a laid mark off Dolphin Beach and then back to the finish via another laid mark and Milnerton. The cruisers turned left and reached across to No 2, back to Milnerton and then to the finish.


No one was tempted to put up a spinnaker, but the stonking south-easter made sure everyone enjoyed good speed through the water. Only four boats retired, which was impressive given the conditions.


Class A was won by Xtra Link Yolo, followed by Tin Tin and then Mwah. The Miuras reveled in the breeze with Iechyd Da winning Class B and Ava in third place. Sandwiched between them was Bodytec Flyer. The cruiser class was won by Love Affair.


Since Class A and B sailed the same course and started at the same time, it is possible to amalgamate their ORC corrected times. The top five boats were Xtra Link Yolo, Tin Tin, Iechyd Da, Bodytec Flyer and Mwah in that order.


The usual convivial celebrations at a very long table on the deck, courtesy of Excelsior Wines, followed the racing. Thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to growing the cruising class.”

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