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RCYC Academy News

RCYC Academy News

Our RCYC Sailing Academy seems to be in demand lately. The Italian Ambassador’s Perennial Trophy, held last Saturday, was also teaming up with our young and upcoming sailors. It was a well planned und funded event and a great opportunity to introduce some youngsters to the bigger keel boats. A lot of our students were not able to take part in this event, due to the pressure they have during their exams. Luckily we had good support from the Izivunguvungu sailors who came all the way from False Bay to spend a fun filled day at the RCYC. Some of the boat owners were expecting muscle packed young sailors to support their regular crew in the strong SE. Most boat owners have been surprised from the miniature stature of the young sailors, aged between 11 and 20 years old. Tiny as they might be, they definitely showed their love for sailing and surprised some salty dogs in the ever building breeze that day. Once the wind clogged up to 35kn, the race officer of the day made the sensible call and abandoned racing.


The prize giving and a free meal afterwards were enjoyed by all. The RCYC Sailing Academy and members from Izivunguvungu will strengthen their forces in future. We will invite them more often to partake in our events and will offer the use of our academy boats for sail training and racing at our club. We can learn from each other and are looking forward to welcome any keen young sailors at the RCYC.

SAORT has granted 5 young academy members with a skipper’s ticket and it looks like that 3 keen youngsters will be able to start the course in December already. We can’t wait to have more qualified skippers in our academy.

The upgrade of our academy boats is almost finished and we can hopefully order some new sails to make our boats more competitive for the upcoming major regattas. Nothing will motivate our students more than being able to sail on competitive boats. It’s the icing on the cake for any sailor, to be able to make a sailing vessel go fast. Let’s make sure these kids will have the right equipment to match their sailing talents.

We have seen great support from many people during the last weeks, a big thank you on behalf of all RCYC Sailing Academy members.

Are you aware that our academy does welcome all young sailors to be part of our program? If you have kids from the age of 12, they are welcome to join us and will even receive free membership for the duration of the sail training. This is a great opportunity for every young sailor to have access to yachting. In this sport you are not judged by the color of your skin or your social background. You will only be judged by your commitment and willingness to learn as much as you can. Some of our students have made a career in sailing already.

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