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RCYC Academy Team At MSC Week

RCYC Academy Team at MSC Week

Hi All
We’ve been received very warmly at both Point and RNY clubs (where the boys prefer the food) and have received lots of help.
The boys are working well together and are making RCYC proud with the way they get stuck in to resolving problems, their knowledge and experience combined with youthful energy is great.

We only managed to launch the boat late afternoon, managing a good clean out and inventory check before dark. (All the required safety equipment is on board)
The engine is giving trouble and most of the lines are missing or not set. So we have our work cut out for ourselves this morning.
Michael Dickinson and co have promised to be here to help and bring sails/lines etc from storage.
Very light conditions, but we hope to get a sail in later morning to test the set-up.
We achieved our first 1st yesterday, being the first boat to register, weighing in at 391 KG with clothes and shoes on, so we celebrated our achievement with a fat building meal.

The boat is the talk of the Club, so quite a lot of expectations created already, but the boys are not letting it get to them and are being very humble.
Thank you for arranging the shipping, I will arrange logistics for Sunday in a day or two after getting to know more of the members better, so far everyone has been fantastic and very helpful.


RCYC Academy Team at a warm Durban MSC 2014

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