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RCYC Is The “Dark Horse” Team In New York

RCYC is the “Dark Horse” Team in New York

Press Release – Friday, August 15, 2014

Dennis Conner International Yacht Club Challenge
Dark Horse Team Leading Regatta

“They arrived without fanfare and at the Opening Ceremony, described themselves as the “most humble” team at the regatta. They told the story about how they scraped together funds for their 36 hour flight to New York City by soliciting donations. They were surprised at the many generous sources whose donated small amounts but what together made their participation possible. And at the regatta dinner tonight, they are being sponsored by a local club member.

And despite all this, or maybe because of it, they sit atop the Dennis Conner International Yacht Club Challenge after day one.

This dark horse team is a group of sailors representing the Royal Cape Yacht Club from South Africa. They have all dreamed about sailing in an international competition and today they are on top with 5 – 2 – 1 finishes.

The Royal Danish Yacht Club from Denmark is in second with a 4 – 4 – 2. The Manhattan Yacht Club is in third with a 1 – 9 – 3.

Manhattan Yacht Club from the US won the first race. Cercle de la Voile de la Sociiété Nautique de Genéve from Switzerland won the second race. The Royal Cape Yacht Club from South Africa won the third race.

Dennis Conner spent the day watching the races while entertaining various dignitaries. After sailing, all teams gathered on the 157-foot yacht Arabella. Tonight is the Steak Dinner with Dennis Conner and tomorrow morning, racing begins again.”

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