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RCYC Receives Lotto Grant

RCYC Receives Lotto Grant

RCYC is proud to annouce that the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NDLFT) has seen fit to support the RCYC Sailing Academy and as such has allocated a valued Lotto Grant which will be used for the express purpose of increassing the fleet of L26 training vessels, allowing for greater participation and traininng opportunity provided by the Academy.

It is with great pleasure to announce that the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) has provided its full support towards the Royal Cape Yacht Clubs Sailing Academy.  As such the NLDTF has seen fit to grant R200,000.00 which will enable the RCYC Sailing Academy to purchase a further two L26’s to add to the Academy.

This boost to the Academy provided by the NLDTF will allow the Academy to make available additional training opportunities to more participants of the programme. It will also enhance the ability to improve the race training with a small race fleet of it’s own.

The Academy programme focuses on providing the youth with theoretical and practical proficiencies in all aspects of the sailing environment, including on water safety, basic navigation, boat handling techniques and equipment familiarisation.  These grounding abilities culminate in enabling participants in developing towards certifiable competencies ranging from basic day skippers certification to more advanced Master level certification.  The Academy also contributes to the creation of job opportunities in exposing and enabling the youth with in the boat building and merchant environs.

The Development Committee is in the final process of securing the Chosen L26’s and will be rebranding them accordingly.

The boats will them be a regular feature on the water and all the academy boats will be in full force for the Opening Cruise.



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