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RCYC Visits NSRI To See The Blessing Of “Rotarian Schipper”

RCYC visits NSRI to see the Blessing of “Rotarian Schipper”



A number of RCYC yachts rafted up at the NSRI base in the V&AW on a beautiful Monday evening to witness the official blessing and launching of “Rotarian Schipper”, named after Hein Schipper, 101, an RCYC member.


While this was the official launch, the new rescue vessel has been in action from its home base at Bakoven for some weeks now, and in fact it’s first Mayday mission was in response to the unfortunate capsizing of “Miroshge” between Duiker Island and Duiker Point about 5 weeks ago. The rescue vessel is well equipped and can reach a speed of 30 knots, making it possible to make the return to its Bakoven home base after the V&AW launch into 15 minute trip!
It was really great to see RCYC showing its support for the NSRI, and an impromptu collection and donation was made that was not only generous in intention and quantum, but also incredibly well received.
Below, the new NSRI rescue RIB “Rotarian Schipper” lines up with RCYC yachts FTI Flyer, Far-Med, Storm and Carousel.














The Rotary Clubs of Table Bay and Newlands and the National Sea Rescue Institute invited the members of the RCYC to join them on their yachts, by rafting up or mustering in the V&AW, to share our celebration in the???



Hein Schipper ( second from right) and Bakoven volunteers, David Knott, Mark Samassa, Ernesta Swanepoel, Bruce Davidson and Bernard Schafer.


Rotarian Schipper returns to base.


For the NSRI report on the Miroshge,



The 17th Annual Rotary Wine Auction was arguably the best event yet. Initial calculations show a generous net amount of R240 000 was raised which, added to the upcoming Jo???burg Rotary Wine Auction amount, will complete the funding for the new 6.5 metre rescue craft ???Rotarian Schipper??? to be based at Bakoven NSRI.

Our VIP guest for the evening was Mr. Hein Schipper who, besides having achieved an enviable age of 101, has been donating to NSRI and the Wine Auction in particular for many years. This year was no different. The new Bakoven NSRI 6.5 metre will be named ???Rotarian Schipper??? in honour of Hein???s incredible support.

Many members of RCYC attended and contributed towards this evening, but we will make sure we invite all members next year.

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