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Sailing In The Soup – Kling Double Handed Race 2

Sailing in the Soup – Kling Double Handed Race 2

Kling Wines Double Handed Race 17 August 2013 – Sailing in the Soup

Race review by Stefan Hundt aboard Iechyd Da

Looking out over the bay on Saturday morning from Milnerton, the sea had taken on the hue of the Vaal Dam, with white crests rolling over a light brown soup.  Undeterred by the bleak water and gusting conditions, 10 boats (6 div. 1 and 4 div. 2) entered this weekend’s Kling Double Handed Race. There were a number of others who could not make it to the start line for various valid reasons!


There was no rain this time, just a good 20 knots and more of wind, and a considerable swell with lumpy chop in-between.  A course was set towards Landfall, and with a long open start line against a Westerly wind, there was little competition for positions on the start, as skippers and crew did their best to settle down to manage a South Westerly swell that pushed the nose up all the time.  It made for shrewd steering, and the more experienced skippers settled down quickly, giving Landfall good margin. With a running swell, the run to Milnerton proved at times frustrating; with wind directly asternand swell from the starboard quarter, it made riding the waves in the Miura a bit like a rollercoaster at times. In Div. 1, Jacana seemed to be on her course making Blouberg at a pace, or had they forgotten where Milnerton was? The beat from Milnerton to No.8 proved an interesting battle won in Div.2 by the old salts on Ava, whose experience clearly showed up Iechyd Da’s plodding against the swell by finishing 1 minute ahead, with Humdinger squeezing into second place.  FTI Flyer was the first around Landfall, and a boat length ahead of Iechyd Da, but the gap widened considerably on the downwind run.  This was clearly Miura weather, as shown by the results: Ava’s average speed of 5.351 knots over the course was only 0.009 knots slower than the L34 Nuthr Witch, at 5.36 knots.


Despite the swell, the lighter division 1 boats made the most of the runs down to Milnerton and Woodbridge Island, catching up what they lost on beats.  With swell, it was difficult to see who were where at any one time, and only one spinnaker made it up the mast this time around.  Finishing was fairly close on corrected time with Jacana, Yolo, Nuthr Witch and Tenacity following at about 1.5 to 2.5 minute intervals.  Triton was just one leg away from the finish and they decided to call it a day – nice to see them out though! Mwah, on the other hand, didn’t make it off the mooring: “engine won’t start” Sadly, neither did the Mwah team of Gordon and Rob make it to the lekker wine prize giving afterwards.


Thanks, see you next race! Come Sailing!


Thanks goes to the bridge, ran by Toni and John Connor and newby’s to the bridge scene Bernard and Ingrid Farmer. Bernard is now very keen to get his Charger on the water “Shadowfax” to give FTI a run for her money. Thank you Bernard and Ingrid for the most welcome visit.


Images to follow soon from Marc Bloch who was on the water that day …

Full Race Results HERE


Race 3 schedule for Saturday September 14.


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