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“When David Rae steered the RCYC team to victory in the 2009 Lipton Challenge, he became the 8th helmsman ever to have won the Cup for our Club.  The previous 7 were Sonny Thomas (’53 & ’55), Ronnie Chedburn (’67), Geoff Meek (’82), Etienne v Cuyck (’86 & ’87), Dave Hudson (’95 & ’05), Ian Ainslie (’97) and Mark Sadler (’00).

After a successful season helming Mike Hayton’s Nitro on the IRC circuit, and with the 2014 J22 World Championship trophy on his mantelpiece, “The Rae” had good reason to feel quietly confident as Lipton 2015 approached.  But, in a way, history was against the Royal Cape team after last year’s win.

Although RCYC’s 12 past wins placed us at the top of the leaderboard of the 14 clubs that have taken the Cup home during its 106 year history, we’ve only once before successfully defended the Cup.  That was 28 years ago when Etienne v Cuyck, having taken the Lipton Cup away from the University of Natal Yacht Club in an exciting challenge off the beaches of Durban in 1986, made history when he defended it for RCYC against all-comers in Table Bay a year later.

Conscious of the history, David Rae and his team-mates Greg Davis, Paul Largesse, “Farmer” Spilhaus and Kenny Daniels, took no chances.  They delivered RCYC’s second successful defence and our 13th opportunity to hold the Cup for another year.

This was David’s 3rd Lipton win as helmsman for RCYC, and his 4th win overall.  It makes him Royal Cape’s most successful Lipton Challenge helmsman to date, and worthy winner of our July Sailor of the Month.”

Sonny Thomas 1953 30 Square Meter Tarpon
Sonny Thomas 1955  30 Square Meter  Tarpon
Ronnie Chedburn 1967  30 Square Meter  Yvette
Geoff Meek 1982  1/4 Tonner  Royal Flush
Etienne v Cuyck 1986  L 26  079  “Omega Heatwave”
Etienne v Cuyck 1987  L 26  079  “Omega Heatwave”
Dave Hudson 1995  L 26  058  “Orion”
Ian Ainslie 1997  L 26  058  “Orion”
Mark Sadler 2000  L 26  058  “Orion”
Dave Hudson 2005  L 26  024  “Greenlight”
David Rae 2009  L 26  074  “Dalys”
David Rae 2014  L 26  074  “Co-Ordination”
David Rae 2015  L 26  074  “Co-Ordination”


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