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For September, RCYC sailing committee voted Erhardt Joubert as our “Sailor of the Month”. He was nominated for his enthusiasm, commitment and his recent first win on the Double Handed Race 2 on his new boat “Charlie”. Welcome to the fleet Erhardt, and congratulations on this nomination.

It is great to see a new boat owner involved, taking part, active and working so hard at his racing skills that he achieves his first win on his new boat at RCYC.


At the age of 18 months I started living on a Lello 34 with my dad until I was about 3 years old. In the coming years I only sailed a few times a year on my uncle???s Muira (called Bandit). When I started my studies, I got more involved with racing. I sailed with on and off on different boats usually doing bow. In 2006, my father and I sailed on a Pacer 42 with Adrain Kuttel as skipper in the race to Salvador. Many of the boats I sailed on hereafter was owned and skippered by Joe van der Westhuizen incl. Rainbow Runner, Flyer, Pure Magic, Silky and Charlie which I eventually bought. The only exception was one season on Trygve Roberts??? Pacer 42 until we had a skipper overboard when there was decided to go sailing even though the Wednesday night race was cancelled. I helmed the boat during the rescue. Last year I sailed in the Lipton Cup for Gordonsbay, again as bow.

I bought Charlie at the end of 2013 to start sailing as skipper as I was stuck on the bow on every boat I crewed on. Sailing on Charlie went well from the start, winning the first club race we entered in Gordonsbay. We are often late for race starts with our record being the first double handed race.

I sailed three double handed races with Susan Strauss as my second hand on all of them. We achieved a third on the first on, arrived very late for the second and won the last.

I believe in safety first and prefer fair weather sailing. We always sail for fun on Charlie as sailing in races that are not one-design can only be classified as a dice.

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