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Jeanne Socrates on the SV Nereida has completed her solo nonstop trip around the world, thereby becoming (at age 70) the world’s oldest female solo nonstop unassisted circumnavigator and also the first female solo nonstop circumnavigator to start from North America.

London, England and Victoria, British Columbia “British sailor, Jeanne Socrates, OCC member since 1999, has succeeded in completing a solo non-stop circumnavigation aboard Nereida, her 38 foot sailing vessel. She has been circumnavigating since 2007, completing four trips around the globe, but the non-stop eluded her until now.
Jeanne passed the Victoria Harbour entrance today where her time was taken as the voyage has been officially recorded by the World Sailing Speed Record Council. (
The voyage was completed without the use of the engine for propulsion. Nereida left Victoria on October 22, 2012 and Jeanne has spent over 250 days at sea, with her ham radio being the main source of communication with the outside world. She was escorted in by a whale watching boat The Prince of Whales ( and is moored in front of the Empress Hotel, courtesy of the Victoria Harbour Authority (
OCC Commodore John Franklin commented, “Jeanne Socrates is one of our most accomplished sailing members in recent years. She is now over 70 years of age and is engaged in her third solo non-stop attempt in 6 years. This is the Victoria BC to Victoria BC circuit pioneered by our own Tony Gooch, who holds the solo non-stop record of 177 days for this circuit. In fact, Tony, who is off sailing on his own adventures at the moment, has given Jeanne great encouragement and guidance in planning her attempt.:
Jeanne has broken many records. She is the oldest woman to circumnavigate solo, the oldest woman to circumnavigate solo via the Five Great Capes, and now, she is the oldest woman to circumnavigate solo non-stop.
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