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Smartphone Citizen Science For Sailors

Smartphone Citizen Science for Sailors


I am a marine Biologist at Plymouth University, UK and the project leader of the Secchi App and the Global Secchi Disk project.Please could you help to spread the word about this new Global Citizen Science for Sailors project by writing about it in your magazine?

The project is a phytoplankton monitoring programme conducted by the mobile SECCHI app and a Secchi Disk – a simple piece of equipment

invented in 1865 by Pietro Angel Secchi – the Pope’s astronomer – to measure the turbidity of seawater.

Its success depends entirely upon its awareness among sailors and here you can help.

The project’s website is found at

A BBC News report is here:

You can find our press release and some free to use images in this dropbox folder:

We have had a great response to the App’s release from sailors around the world, from the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, including sailors from Turkey, the Philippines, Australia, Norway, Canada, and the USA. The first data was submitted from New Zealand within 2 days of the launch of the app, and more data has arrived since from the Mediterranean.

But we still need as many people to know about the project as possible.

I would be very happy if you would cover the story and encourage SA

Sailors to take part.

Kind regards,

Richard Kirby

Project Leader

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