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Twilight 06: Three Westerly Witches In A Row…

Twilight 06: Three Westerly Witches in a Row…

Ahoy Twilighter


Palindromic sailing: 13/11/13…the same both ways…

The third westerly breeze in a row out on the runway, and an extremely good turnout for our magnificent Lufthansa Twilight Fleet. It was a lovely evening on the water…with perhaps two factors that unfortunately rained on our parade:

1. The wind died, as it does sometimes with the westerlies. While it lasted though, it was awesome.

2. The courses set were possibly a little ambitious in terms of length.

Unfortunately, these two don’t work together too well, and cast an evil spell on many a yacht, leaving sails slumping and boat speed plummeting. It is a tribute to the tenacity and keen spirit in our twilight fleet that so many yachts stuck it out to record a finish. Well done to you all, you banished an evil conspiracy of nature there! It is also opportune to point out that in all club sailing now, even when the bridge closes, you are welcome to take your own time when crossing the finish line, and submit this as a signed declaration. You will be scored. This is very important for us as a club, because it honours a commitment to allow all sailors to conquer the challenge set and started; and it underlines the trust we share with one another as sportsmen.

Make sure you submit your declaration to the sailing office!

I would like to thank Stefan Hundt for a very well intended, imaginative and ambitious set of courses – for his first shot at twilight course setting. It is not an easy task…

By all means, members are welcome to give the sailing office a shout if you’d like to give course-setting a try. The sailing office and committee will assist you, or twin you with a more experienced hand. It is a very enjoyable and eye opening exercise.

Tonight we saw the earlier birth of the Cool Cats blossom into its own division, with 5 cats having now competed in the series. A big stray cat strut forward for our club sailing, because those 5 entries make a legitimate and long overdue addition and presence as a stand alone club division. The winning cat each week is now entitled to the honour and pride of flying a combined Lufthansa/RCYC Burgee Battleflag into the race course. (Did you see all the lead dogs flying their’s this evening? It looked so cool!) May this cat fleet grow with vigour and spirit! We will continue to endeavor to set cat-friendly reaching courses for you guys, who almost certainly get the most decent level-sailed-no-drinks-spilled-twilight-experience.

For those of you who may have been frustrated that the wind left us tonight, take it out on the course next time and sail a blinder…there are still three races left in the current series.

The finale and prize-giving of this Lufthansa Twilight Series will take place on 4 December.

The following week, Wednesday 11 December, you are invited to enter your yacht in the Bona Drag Ladies Key Positions Twilight race, a fun celebratory year end race where your yacht must either have 3 or more ladies in key positions aboard (like helm, main, foredeck, headsail), or you must dress in drag to compete, and we’ll have a little party afterwards. More detail will be forthcoming…

Come Sailing!

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