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Twilight Cruising Invite

Twilight Cruising Invite

Ahoy all sailors, cruisers and boat owners,

Lufthansa Twilight Sailing took off with style last Wednesday evening with a great fleet of 58 boats on the water.

We announced the flight plan of our COOL CATS & CRUISING fleet last week and received a lot of interest in participation and a lot of hearty spirit from the new cruisers, cruising around their own course for the first time. The cruising fleet have generously offered any NEW boat entering ANY of the Lufthansa Twilight Fleets, that haven???t sailed twilight in the last two years, a complimentary bottle of wine. Thanks Alan!

We are inviting all you old salty sea dogs to get your boats??? dirty bottoms cleaned and join in the Twilight Cruising fleet this week or next, your Lufthansa boarding pass awaits you and so does the chance to win two business class tickets to Europe!

See the website for all the details.

Hope to see you in the bar to hand over your complimentary wine from Cruising Fleet.

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