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Twilight Mixed Bag

Twilight Mixed Bag

Ahoy Twilighter!


Come sunshine and rain; big breeze and lulls; day and night; poor visibility and clear; big lifts and headers…

A real westerly mixed bag tonight with at least 51 yachts braving the conditions to eek out a scoring finish. Very well done to all for turning out…that was not a champagne twilight evening by any means on the face of it, but I know a lot of sailors had a blast out there…

We now have a new twilight lead dog battle flag, to present to the winning yacht in each division each week. This can be paraded in the club (as it was tonight), and certainly flown from each winner’s forestay in the pre race preparation time and the sail out for the next twilight race, before it is handed over to the next week’s divisional winners at that prize-giving…Nothing says you are prepared and ready for competition quite like a battle flag proudly hoisted on your forestay!

A big thank you to our sponsor for embracing this idea at very short notice and for further supporting our twilight sailing offering…

As an RCYC member, don’t forget to get your Twilight Boarding pass stamped each week to stand a chance of winning a pair of return business class tickets to Europe! It is also nice to see our sponsors supporting the club with two twilight functions for their staff and business networks in the last fortnight – a sign of a healthy partnership!

Thanks to Robbie van Rooyen for setting the courses this evening…not a particularly easy task in the variable conditions.

Thanks also to the bridge crew who did a great job finishing many yachts in the dark, and for keeping a clear and open channel of communication going on the radio throughout. Please remember that once you’ve finished, to clear the finishing area by sailing around the end of the finish line well out of the way of still competing yachts before heading home.


Come Sailing!

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