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Amarula’s Madagascar Blog

Amarula’s Madagascar Blog

If ever there was a poster girl for Madagascar it has to be the island of Nosy Iranja, according to Peter Sherlock in the 8th edition of his Madagascar blog called  “Starter Motors and THB“. It is actually two islands joined by a spit of pearl-white sand, showing as a thin umbilical at high tide and a broad boardwalk at low.  The water around the island is an impossible blue, easily outplaying Bermuda for its tonal hues and easy on the eye natural architecture, the spit creating a bridge between the two landforms screaming out for the perfect Instagram selfie or over enthusiastic amateur drone shot.

Read more about the adventures in Madagascar – exploring Moramba Bay, to Nosy Lava with the remnants of a  maximum-security prison and how Amarula’s starter motor spinned itself into a molten lump of steel and armature

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