1. Entries

At noon on Tuesday 18 September 2018 we had 16 paid up entries. It would have been 17 but sadly “Stella” has had to withdraw. For a complete list of entries, see the St Helena page of the RCYC website at

  1. SAMSA Registration and Safety Inspection

It is imperative that those boats which have not yet obtained their SAMSA registration in terms of the Ship Registration Act, 1998, do so without delay to avoid bottlenecks and, worse still, possible disappointment because of not being able to start the race by reason of not being able to obtain registration on time.  Information relating to registration and the forms to be completed for the purpose can be found on the St Helena page of the RCYC website.  In addition, information can be obtained from David Elcock, the Race Safety Officer whose contact details are: 082 683 8600 or

  1. Rating Certificates

The same reasoning applicable to SAMSA registration, applies to obtaining current Rating Certificates. Please do so without delay.  Information relating to Rating Certificates can be obtained from the RCYC Sailing Office at

  1. Freight and Clearing

4.1 Since our previous newsletters we have appointed Meihuizen International, which attended to this particular function in respect of the previous two events, to attend to the customs clearing of all yachts and cradles out of Cape Town and clearing of yachts and cradles back into Cape Town after the race, at a fixed price of R7797.00 per yacht made up as follows:

Charge Units Rate per Unit Curr & ROE Amount VAT Total
Cargo Dues – Export (Cradle) 1.0 100.00 ZAR 1.0000 100.00 15.00 115.00
Cargo Dues – Import (Cradle) 1.0 100.00 ZAR 1.0000 100.00 15.00 115.00
Landing Order – Import (Cradle) 1.0 265.00 ZAR 1.0000 265.00 39.75 304.75
Shipping Order – Export (Cradle) 1.0 265.00 ZAR 1.0000 265.00 39.75 304.75
Customs Inspection – if required – EXP 2.0 750.00 ZAR 1.0000 1 500.00 225.00 1 725.00
Transport & Cartage – to and from Club 2.0 750.00 ZAR 1.0000 1 500.00 225.00 1 725.00
Agency / Special Attendance 1.0 1 550.00 ZAR 1.0000 1 550.00 232.50 1 725.00
Documentation Fee – Exp / Imp 2.0 750.00 ZAR 1.0000 1 500.00 225.00 1 725.00
ZAR TOTALS 6 780.00 1 017.00 7 797.00


4.2 All cradles will have to be delivered to RCYC prior to the date by when they are required to be delivered to the ship and Boet Koopman, our Marina Manager, is presently investigating the possibility of the cradles being delivered from RCYC to the ship free of charge. In that event, the price of R7797.00 will be reduced by the transport and cartage charge of R1725.00.

4.3 For boats sailing back from St Helena, RCYC will be able to advise on the procedure for clearing out of Cape Town and back again, in which case if the skippers concerned wish themselves to clear their boats out and back again, there will be no charge. If Meihuizen are asked to attend to the clearing, their charge will be as follows:

  • Agency/Special attendance: R1550.00
  • Documentation fee: R1500.00
  • Customs Inspection (if required) Imp/Exp: R1500.00
  1. To enable Meihuizen to clear yachts and cradles they require the following documentation to be received by them at latest:

5.1 by 16 November 2018 in respect of cradles, a letter from the owner confirming ownership and reflecting the value thereof for customs purposes;

5.2 by 12 December 2018, together with payment of the relevant fee, in respect of yachts and crews:

              • Registration papers for the yacht;
              • Skipper’s Certificate of Competency;
              • SAMSA Safety Certificate.

5.3 The relevant contact people at Meihuizen are:

Gavin Paulsen – 021 440 5400; or

Sihahn Berdien – 021 440 5400; or

  1. Shipping

6.1 The arrangements relating to shipping of boats back to Cape Town remain as set out in Newsletter No. 2 which can be found on the St Helena page of the RCYC website. The one issue still outstanding remains the “Terminal Handling Charge” at St Helena which was previously stated as being between £503.00 and £669.00. Since then we have been advised that AW Ship Management Ltd have managed to get the THC for weekdays reduced to £240.00 and that loading will take place during the week. However, Dan Taylor has indicated that he is making further representations so, with luck, we may still manage to have that charge reduced further.

6.2 In addition to the THC, there will also be the cost of a diver who is being employed to put the strops around the boats in the water at a cost of £400.00 per day spread over 3 days. This cost will be spread out over the boats requiring shipping.

6.3 For information relating to shipping boats back from St Helena or making reservations in that regard, please contact Winston Sivertsen of RNC Ships Agency Services, who are the MV Helena’s agents in Cape Town. His contact details are: 021 551 5130 –

6.4 Shipping costs and the Terminal Handling Charge are payable at the end of November 2018.

  1. Clearing into St Helena

7.1 We have been informed by Mr David Caswell, the St Helena Harbour Master, that all crew must remain on board their vessel until cleared by the Official Boarding Party which will come out to the boat. The Sailing Instructions will contain details about calling up prior to arrival at the Island, with information regarding directions for approaching and allocation of moorings.

7.2 On arrival at St Helena the following forms, copies of which will be found on the St Helena page of the RCYC website, will need to be completed and handed to the Official Boarding Party, namely:

              • Yacht Arrival Declaration Form
              • Form E / Arrival Declaration
              • Harbour Master’s Declaration

7.3 In addition, all crew members are also required to produce a passport, which must be valid for 6 months after their intended date of departure and a valid medical insurance to the value of £500,000 which covers repatriation and medical evacuation. A landing fee of £17.00 per person is payable in respect of each crew member. (However, this fee will not be applicable to yachts staying in St Helena for less than 72 hours).

  1. Berth for Journalist

In Newsletter No. 2 we mentioned that the St Helena authorities wished to send a journalist from the UK to cover the race from onboard a participating yacht and asked whether anyone is able to offer such a berth. We have not had any response. If anyone can provide a berth for the journalist, please contact the Race Secretary advising the basis for doing so.

This Newsletter will be updated as and when more information becomes available.

John Levin 

Race Chairman