General Race Questions & Answers

    1. What qualification does the skipper need?
      A. SAS Yachtmaster Offshore. If the boat is foreign flagged though, please discuss with race committee.
    2. I am a cruising boat. Is there any motoring allowance?
      A. This is first and foremost a yacht race sand Sailing event. You would need to complete the course fully under sail to comply.
    3. I don’t have a ORC/Texel Rating, what do I need to do?
      A. Contact the RCYC Sailing office ( would guide you further. It is not complicated, but a requirement in order to enter
    4. I am looking for crew/crewing position what do I do?
      A. Contact the RCYC sailing office ( who would keep you details and share it with perspective parties.
    5. What would crew normally contribute?
      A. Every situation is different. But the norm is crew would contribute towards onboard cost (Food, Diesel etc…) and towards delivery costs. We would recommend discussing and agreeing with the skipper upfront.
    6. Will boats Anchor at the island?
      A. Yes, in all likeliness boats will be required to anchor. It is part of the safety requirement to have adequate anchoring equipment and is noted in the NOR. Boats that do not comply where needed will face disqualification and a ban, notwithstanding that there will be limited moorings which will be allocated.
    7. Will boats be safe on the island once crews leave and waiting for shipping?
      A. We will likely try and engage St Helena Yacht Services which in the past, for a nominal fee per boat agreed to check boats daily on moorings and will be responsible for the loading.
    8. Q Will there be sufficient space on the ship for all yachts?
      In short we don’t know. We are still in talks with the shippers, but final details will only be available around mid 2021.
    9. If there is limited shipping space, how will it be allocated?
      IN order of entry.
    10. What classifies an entry?
      Once form and PAYMENT have been received. No exceptions.
    11. IS the entry fee refundable if I decide to no longer do the event?
      The entry fee in NON refundable.
    12. When does safety scrutinizing begin?
      A. This window will open up around six months from the start, ideally you can do it simultaneously with your LGSC. You will be advised in Race newsletters.
    13. I have a bowsprit, for shipping purposes, how do I measure the Length of the boat?
      A. For shipping and for that matter, the same as for measuring length for a marina. Your boat is measured from the foremost part (in your case front of bowsprit) the aft most part. So yes, bowsprit would be part of the measurement. If you don’t add it in and your boat is longer, you won’t be loaded as you will displace more space in the packing then declared and therefore planned for in the deck plan of the ship.
    14. Why can’t I race Shorthanded as other Cape to St Helena Races have permitted?
      Firstly to note, the Race Chairman is a big proponent to Short Handed Offshore Sailing. The Cape to St Helena is traditionally a Corinthian event, one of the goals is to introduce more people to the island (and our obligation to St Helena Tourism) and to offshore sailing. There are talks that the South Star Race might resume and that would fill the requirement as a pure Shorthanded event for South Africans late in 2021.  Therefore, the minimum crew number for this event has been set at Three.
    15. I have an AIS receiver aboard. Will it suffice in terms of the safety requirements?
      A. No, it needs to be a Transponder. Ie. To see and be seen. This is not only an important safety requirement but it is also more important to be seen then it is to see. So having a receiver is of very little safety value. It is the ability for others to see you especially should there be a Search and Rescue operation or simply by shipping in poor visibility. Please ensure you comply. There will be no concessions.
    16. My club has done an estimated weight for my boat for it’s ORC/TEXEL certificate, will this suffice. I don’t really want the effort to weigh my boat ?
      A. If your yacht used an estimated weight as some yachts that are not RCYC based have done, this would need to be corrected and an official ORC/TEXEL weighing (or measurement) would need to be done in order to ensure your ORC/TEXEL certificate is correct. This can be done at RCYC. You would need to arrange this with RCYC and the ORC/TEXEL measurer. ORC/TEXEL certificates with estimated weights will not be accepted?
    17. What is the correct courtesy flag to fly when at St Helena?
      A. The “Red Duster” or the St Helena Flag on the starboard spreader.
    18. Are there Direct Flights to Cape Town?
      There will be weekly direct flights to Cape Town.
    19. Are there any preferential flights?
      We are in talks with the airline to ensure flights are available for all sailors and where possible a “race special”
    20. I would like to sail back, is it doable and who can advise me?
      Very doable, in fact some entrants chose this option as it is a very enjoyable passage if done correctly (Not to mention saving on shipping costs and flights), if you contact Race office, we will put you in touch with experienced people who would be happy to advise you.
    21. I am nervous as I have not embarked on this sort of ocean voyage before?
      No problem, the Race Committee is there to help and make it as user friendly as possible, if you would like, we can pair you up with an experienced sailor who would be able to give you advise as and when you need it, in your build up.
    22. I am a cruiser, can I still take part?
      Yes, as long as you comply to all the requirements.
    23. I am considering fitting an electric engine, is this allowed?
      Yes, that is progress, you would still need to comply with the other regulations, eg. Be able to prove that you can at all times have the ability to motor for 8 consecutive hours at 5 knots, so this power would need to be in addition to what the boat normally uses etc.
    24. I plan to go cruising, can I take part as one of my legs?
    25. I would like longer at the island on my boat, is this possible?
    26. Can I get Diesel at the island to top up before returning?
    27. What Currency do I need for the island?
      Ideally carrying British pounds is best.
    28. Are there credit card facilities on the island?
      Very few, do not count on this and ensure you have sufficient cash.
    29. Is there an ATM on the island?
      Ha haha, this is an authentic remote island, some things you will have to forego.

UPDATED: 11 December 2020