Newsletter number 2 dated 16 August 2018.

1. Entries.

At the close of business on Wednesday 15 August 2018 we had 12 paid up entries, namely:
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2. Shipping.

2.1. Of the twelve entries received so far, only 8 entrants have booked to have their boat shipped back from St Helena. Presumably the remaining 6 are either sailing back or continuing further afield from St Helena?

2.2. Boet Koopmans, the RCYC marina manager, and I met with the Master of the MV Helena on Friday, 10th August, and were informed that he thought he would be able to take 6 boats on Voyage 12, departing St Helena on 23 January 2019, and possibly up to 8. The same would then in all probability apply to the next voyage due to depart on
23 February.

2.3. It should be noted that although all boats wanting shipping will be able to be shipped back to Cape Town, it will not necessarily be on the first ship which departs St Helena on 23 January 2019, but more than likely will only leave on the next voyage departing on 23 February. Boats are being shipped on a first come, first served basis, in which
regards bookings are only accepted from paid up entries.

2.4. In respect of boats requiring shipping, the shipping company requires the following information in respect of boats and the cradles:

2.4.1. In respect of boats: can the mast be unstepped or is the boat to be shipped with the mast stepped? If the latter, height of mast, measured from the bottom of the keel; LOA, inclusive of bowsprits/bumkins; Beam; Gross weight;

2.4.2. In respect of cradles: Measurements and weight; is the cradle collapsible or not?

2.5. In addition, the shipping company requires boats to be marked for sling positions and cradle positions to speed up loading onto the ship.

2.6. We would urge owners to prepare their boats before having ship back as if they would face a severe gale and to that end remove all sails, blooms, dodges and loose gear which should all be stowed below.

2.7. In respect of cradles:

2.7.1. We have been informed that they will be shipped from Cape Town on Voyage 11, departing 28 November 2018, which means cradles must be ready for delivery to the shipside a day or two earlier;
2.7.2. We have furthermore been informed that:
“The main issue is likely to be the standard and condition of the cradles – he has some major concerns as some in the past have been of suspect construction or not designed to take the yacht in question. To de-risk the operation we will have to insist that cradles provided are of decent solid construction and are made for the type of yacht to be carried. We will give the Master the authority to reject any cradles that are considered to be of insufficient construction – this is for our protection and yours.”
2.7.3. Cradles must be marked as to which side is “forward” and “aft”.

2.8. We have arranged with James Herne of St Helena Yacht Services to keep an eye on boats awaiting shipping and to prepare them for shipping at a fee of £100 per boat on the following basis:

“What is expected of me in regards to looking after the yachts after the race?
My interpretation is that I would need to check painters and bilges while yachts are on the mooring. Once MV Helena is here I would motor the yacht to Ruperts Valley, where the ship berths alongside the dock. I would monitor the lift, ensuring the slings are correctly positioned. Once the yacht is on board MV Helena she is then the responsibility of AW shipping.”

James is himself an accomplished yachtsman having, amongst many things, recently completed a three year circumnavigation in his Bavaria 40 with his wife and three children, and is in fact hoping himself to compete in the race with and all- Saints crew. He and his wife are the Commodore and Secretary respectively of the St Helena Yacht Club.

2.9. As previously advised, A W Ship Management Ltd (“AWS”), which manages the MV Helena, have seriously discounted their normal shipping fares and have agreed to ship boats back at the following rates, based on LOA, which is the same for monohulls and multihulls, namely:

[table id=1 /]

2.10. In addition, there will be freight forwarding costs payable in Cape Town, the amount of which is still being established and terminal handling charges in St Helena of between £503 and £669 depending on whether loading takes place on a weekday or a Sunday. We are informed that loading is likely to take place on a weekday, in which case the charge will be £503 per boat. We will advise what the Cape Town charges will be as
soon as they have been established.

3. SAMSA Registration and safety inspection.

3.1. Entrants are reminded that South African owned yachts going foreign need to be registered in terms of the Ship Registration Act, 1998. Information relating to registration and the forms to be completed for the purpose can be found HERE.

3.2. Ms Edwina Howard, the Registrar of Ships, has requested that boats requiring registration should apply as soon as possible to avoid bottlenecks at the end of the year and has advised that applications received after 15 November 2018 will not be processed in time for the race.

3.3. David Elcock, the race safety officer, is also the person authorised by the Registrar of Ships to carry out surveys and safety inspections for purposes of ship registration. He can thus issue both clearances following a single inspection, i.e. the clearances required for purposes of ship registration and the safety inspection required in terms of the Notice of Race. David can be contacted on 082 683 8600 or “”. The stipulated fee payable to David for an inspection in terms of the Ship Registration Act is R500, payable against issue of the clearance certificate.

4. Berth for a Journalist.

The St Helena authorities wish to send a journalist from the United Kingdom to cover the race from on-board a participating yacht. To that end they have enquired whether anyone can offer the journalist a berth. Anyone able to do so is requested to contact the race secretary, advising the basis for doing so.

5. Rating Certificates.

5.1. Information Relating to Rating Certificates can be obtained from the RCYC sailing office at

5.2. Having regard to the short time available before the start, competitors are urged to attend to obtaining their rating certificates without delay.

6. Please enter early.

Competitors are requested please to submit their entries as soon as possible, to facilitate arrangements. This is particularly important from the point of view of giving us leverage in connection with flights, et cetera.

This newsletter will be updated as and when more information becomes available.

John Levin
Race Chairman