Greetings all,

The Website is now live. As things stand, we are expecting to receive a record entry. We have received a couple of questions regarding flights and shipping.

(Only entries that have paid in full will be allocated an entry number. This order of entry number is important. No conditional entries will be accepted.)

To answer broadly the following:


We are in talks with Airlink, so to confirm there will be flights available for all, final details on this will be issued well before the event and special arrangements will be made for race bookings.

For info, there will be two flights a week available, one direct to Cape Town, so family and friends can come join if they wish.


St Helena Tourism will be doing a presentation and will be able to facilitate where possible any bookings and other island requirements.


This is always contentious and will be in high demand, this will be allocated based on your entry number.  Entries are not subject to Shipping. There is a possibility that there might be a limit set for the longer boats and for Multihulls. As and when we have more information, we will share it with the competitors.


Some entries in the past have chosen to rather sail back, not only do they save the costs of shipping and flights, some do it because they enjoy sailing. All reports from previous sailors who have sailed back have been positive with them largely sailing off the wind. If you are considering this option and would like to be put in contact with someone who has done it or whom can advise, please contact us.


Please remember that all South African boats are required to be registered with SAMSA with a valid LGSC in order to take your vessel offshore. While the race committee can point you in the right direction, it is not something that the race committee does for you or takes any responsibility for. IT IS THE YACHT OWNER/SKIPPERS responsibility. We recommend contacting David Elcock 082 683 8600 and recommend further that you start this process at the beginning of 2020 (In order for your LGSC to be valid for the race). i.e. An early start to your preparation.


From previous experience in offshore events, the last-minute preparers are also the ones who incur more problems and more likely to retire/withdraw. We recommend good preparation is the cornerstone to a good passage. The Race Organizers will be running a few talks regarding the event from Autumn 2020.

We have had a number of people requesting a shorthanded class.

The Cape to St Helena is traditionally a Corinthian event, one of the goals is to introduce more people to the island (and out obligation to St Helena Tourism). There are talks that the South Star Race might resume and that would fill the requirement as a pure Shorthanded event for South Africans late in 2021.  Therefore, the minimum crew number for this event has been set at Three.

If you are considering entering, but have questions or doubts, please feel free to contact the Race Chairman: Dale Kushner 082 552 4533 to discuss.

The Race Committee
Cape to St Helena Offshore Race

4 November 2019