Dear Entrants and prospective entrants,

Following the postponement of the 2020 event, with the start date being moved exactly a year later, starting now on the 26th December 2021, we have since contacted all entrants to give them the opportunity to withdraw if they needed. This process is now complete and the remaining entrants have been updated on the website and a new entry number has been allocated.

In short the entry number will be the order in which your accepted entry comes in and is reflected in the entry order on the website, so if in doubt check on the Race Website:

This is also important, if for any reason an entry withdraws you will move up the system. These numbers might prove to become important later. (pref for Shipping/Flights etc..)

We have also issued the revised Notice of Race which basically covers the updated dates. Please download this on the Race Website.

The relevant changes in summary are:

  • Dates moved one year forward, give or take certain submission dates which are day specific.
  • The minimum crew has been reduced from 3 to 2
  • The extra sail allowed has been removed as ORC has now added an additional downwind sail as standard for smaller boats.
  • Updated reference to ORC rules date.
  • Increased the weigh in window under Texel Rating by adding the additional 12 month delay.(to not prejudiced any entrants that have complied to the previous NOR)

We have been receiving lots of fresh interest for the 2021 event. As things currently stand, we are expecting the numbers will steadily climb.

There have been a number of perspective entries wanting to lodge forms without entry fees as they want to use this to try and get an early entry number which could be of benefit to them when allocations are done, However important to note, that only entries forms with fully paid up entry fees can and will be accepted. This is to make it fair to all entrants. What you see on the website are entrants that have already paid their entry fees and thus their entries have been accepted.

There is just over ten months to the start of the event. This is a long time for the Covid situation to improve or adjust, but as entrants or perspective entrants, we advise you to start your preparation now. No matter whom you ask regarding advice on offshore sailing, while advice may differ, the one point everyone will concur on, is good preparation. A well prepared boat is ready months before the start, those are also the boats that have less issues, tend to do better and the crews seem to have more fun and comradery during the event.

The intention is to have talks on preparation and race related items later in the year.  We will advise accordingly and subject to the Covid situation.

From an event perspective, regarding the Covid situation, we suspect it will have improved by the end of the year, notwithstanding this,  as an event we are looking at all sorts of contingencies to do our best to ensure this event can happen. We will be able to communicate more on this later in the year.

There have been three newsletters prior to this which can be found on the race website, although originally geared towards the start being in 2020 they are still very much relevant, except the shift in start dates.

Should you have any further questions or seek clarity on any items, please feel free to contact us at

Race Committee
Cape to St Helena 2021

February 2021