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Cape to St Helena 2018 Day 13

They are all in!

The swing moorings in James Bay

It’s been a busy 24 hours on St Helena, with the arrivals of Caribbean Soul, Felix, Indaba, Ronin, Carpé Diem, Avocet and Asanté.

Hats off to Ronin and Asanté who have sailed many miles without their destroyed spinnakers as they closed in on the island.

Cpt Solo. Dale Kushner

It’s been interesting to follow the track of Avocet, who clearly only have an asymmetrical set up and really sailed the asym angles, zigzagging far more than any other boat in the fleet. She is a big comfortable boat so they must’ve had a very pleasant passage.

Carpé Diem were on the home run, having been on an epic 4000 mile round trip from the island, to participate in the race. They received a very warm reception at the island last night, and the local radio station has already run two interviews with them. Well done to the Hearne family!

Naledi at sea…

Felix ghosted in at around midday, after a very steady showing, and a podium position finish! They will be delighted.

Die manne at St Helena Yacht Club

The boys on Caribbean Soul look like they had a blast and made a beeline to the island, traversing the precarious rope swing arrival jetty like ballerinas.

Die manne at St Helena Yacht Club

Indaba were in a race against the clock to be the only boat that could possibly still wrest the best posted handicap time set by Naledi. It was nerve-racking, edge-of-seat stuff following the tracker! Indaba were on fire yesterday, posting excellent speeds for their boat – a Stadt 34 – in what must have been absolutely magnificent sailing conditions. By my unofficial calculations… they did it!


The scouts

JML Rotary Scout retired from the race but are still sailing to the island to complete what they set out to do. Have a great trip guys! You can follow their reports by joining their entertaining Facebook group “JML Rotary Scout”.

Update: The official results have now been published. They’re a little confusing to read, because they’re given in an unfamiliar format of decimal hours, and only corrected times are shown…

So, let’s try to make it clearer, using my own unofficial calculations. Indaba finished at 18:56:22 (South African time) on Sunday, 6 January 2019, which gives her an elapsed time of 11d 4h 56m 22s since the start at 14:00:00 on 26 December 2018. By multiplying Indaba’s elapsed time by her handicap rating of 0.8867, you get her corrected time. This is 9d 22h 28m 7s.

Naledi finished at 00:32:05 on Saturday, 5 January 2019. Her elapsed time was 9d 10h 32m 5s; her handicap is 1.0602; and her corrected time is 10d 0h 10m 20s.

So Indaba pipped Naledi by 1h 42m 13s on corrected time, which after 1700 miles at sea for a week and a half of sailing, is pretty close!

Caribbean Soul arrive

Cape to St Helena 2018 is a sister race to the #Cape2Rio2020, which is supporting the race with a daily race update. Like|Love|Share!

by Luke Scott

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