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Cape to St Helena 2018 Day 12

Rob Neuman’s big Compromise chose the lesser of two evils when they turned over the finish line at about 10pm last night. The boat that rocked has finished.

Dale Kushner, the man who flew solo aboard an acronym for You Only Live Once, finished just before 6am this morning, in good time to put his boat to bed, before breakfast at Anne’s Place.

Well done to all the crew of Compromise, and in Dale’s case, his trusty left and right hands.

Compromise have knocked a day and a half off Banjo’s corrected time, and lead the multihull fleet. Their lead is safe – they cannot be overtaken by Ronin.

Banjo Banter

Next in will be the Caribbean Soul gang and their stowaway leprechaun, Murphy, who wreaked havoc aboard at all hours… they should hit the finish line hard in the next hour before a liquid breakfast rolls into lunch, then dinner.

Then it will be Felix, who have run out of time to challenge Naledi’s corrected time. Carpe Diem have also run out of time to challenge, but they will be so happy to be nearing their home port, after a month of adventure and an epic round trip voyage to Cape Town.

Coke and a Smile – the Naledi Boys

All eyes are on Indaba, with little more than 50 miles to go. They need to keep that little boat going nicely today, and very much pointed in the right direction, to challenge for the handicap win. The wind needs to play ball too. They don’t have a lot of wiggle room, but they can do it. It will be quite an emotional day for the skipper and Race Chairman, John Levin, a man in his senior years…and if they pull it off, that emotion will spread like wildfire.

Indaba Crew

Most of the fleet that are still racing should finish in the next 24 hours.

Happy and celebratory parents back in Cape Town

Update: Caribbean Soul has now finished. Waste no time boys, beers seldom get colder as the day wears on! They last reported, while still racing, that the island is in clouds but looks awesome. “I was last here 28 years ago. Fish Tally for Caribbean Soul 1 x dorado – caught but lost. 2 dorado landed – I thrown back as too small. 1 x Tuna in the fridge.”

Who can better that tally??

The very big fish on JML Rotary Scout

Asante report that there was no wind last night, so they spent the night bobbing around. “Wind picked up at 03:00 and now back to 15knts. So near yet so far. No sign of the island yet.”

Look for the cloud plume…that’ll get you excited!

Rockets at the St Helena Yacht Club

Carpe Diem have 70nm to run. “We can almost feel land. Kids are very excited.”

Wow, we can imagine! So cool…

by Luke Scott

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