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Good day everyone. My Name is Sinazo Ntshinga.  I am 19 years old.  I was born in Cape Town, but I grow up in Eastern Cape at Dutywa in a small village.  I came back to Cape Town to finish school because my grandmother died, who I was living with.

How I joined at RCYC Sailing Academy.  I was a learner who was taking extra lessons for Maths and Science at Emagqabini Education Academy every Friday and Saturday.  Then one day I got a call from Anathi saying the next Saturday I have to attend at Site C at the school called Ntlanganiso High. Come Saturday I go to Ntlanganiso and we got asked who wants to join the Club without knowing what the club is about.

I raised my hand up and my name was written down. I joined the club because that time I was the person who have nothing to do.  I didn’t know it will be the best sport I ever dream about and it is a great opportunity for me.

Next exciting thing that happened was these Courses at STCW and they were teaching us swimming, firefighting and first aid(etc).  I attend all courses to the end but there were some difficulties because I failed some, but then I re-write them, and I did well in all my STCW lessons.  Then I became a Sailor in RCYC and I learn about sailing and boat parts. I learn about safety on board, rules of the road at sea and points of sailing.

As a Sailor I learn that sailing is a sport that demand Teamwork, Responsibility, Patience and Care.  In sailing you have to know how to read Wind, Clouds and Weather patterns because you have to know which side the Wind came from or the side you will be racing on.

And you have to calculate the angles to the wind to make sure that you are on a right direction and you are not sailing far away from the mark.

Lockdown is affecting me negatively, because I can’t do my school work at home because these many thing that I have to do and the class group on WhatsApp is not helping because there is no teacher and we are creating jokes.

And the Community is affected by not going to work because other people in the Community have to sell the Fruit at the street, but they can’t do that at this time of lockdown.

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